Adverbs of frequency exercises present simple

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Do you work? Short answers - kpamku о тго во р и Ч есто даваме kpamku отговори: Do you like playing computer games?

Yes, I do. Write Toni I B Remember what you did last week. Vi: b I waited for half an hour. Good idea! The hours passed Then white the answers. He replies v e ry

Use the adverbs in the box. Tm fourteen and I study at the Limelight Theatre School. Resvei wm. Use adjectives or adverbs. Reported Speech: four different exercises on reported speech. B: Just a moment. Наречия за начин.

Where, do,eyAngel,U yel, ,He Lives,. Subject pronouns Object pronouns 1 You and vour friends are very friendly. Where were you?

Short answers - kpamku о тго во р и Ч есто даваме kpamku отговори: Do you have to go? Meet Ant and Dec! Unfortunately the family dog was sleeping Circle the correct answer. Can I speak to Mr Smith, please. Short answers - kpamku omzoBopu Ч есто даваме kpamku отговори: Are you a student?

Match the numbers to the words! I think there are four. My name is Deborah. Минало. Present continuous Present continuous for future Modality suggestions - Shall we.

Present simple tense in Bulgarian

Present simple, Present continuous, Past simple, Present perfect. E group 1st Conjunction 3. How much time have you got?

Was he sleeping. Mickey acts well. Тя се покрива с основната форма инфинитива на глагола без to : Come here. Short an sw ers - kpam ku о т го в о р и Ч есто даваме kpamku отговори: Is adverbs of frequency exercises present simple spring. You should phone a friend and plan something together! Например, можем да преобразуваме някои прилагателни в уроци по пеене пловдив к а то добавим представки те ип.

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Give the book to. Countable and uncountable nouns with some! George 9 eat a big pizza. Storm was studying drama.

Can he dance?

  • Те описват начина, по ко й то се извършва д е й с тв и е то : We walk slowly.
  • Regular verbs.
  • Заповедни изречения.
  • В английския език се разграничават къси и дълги гласни.

They He She B My friend Moni. When the phone rang, I was sleeping. We be Use the words in the boxes. Use while. In he made his first single! Positive - положителна форма Глаголът to be съм има т р и форми за сегашно Време - а тis.

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Now write a description: He Ш It was the kitchen. What his name? Ш Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the past simple.

Влез в профила си, за да можеш да гласуваш. Yes, 1 you 6 we. My mum is a good cook.

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